What wine would you pair with a traditional Christmas dinner?

12.12.18 | Kaye's Wine of The Month

By Kaye Turton

One question many people ask me around this festive time of year is: What wine would you pair with a traditional Christmas dinner?

In my opinion, it’s really hard to match a wine with a classic Turkey dinner. Most people can end up serving 20 odd side dishes, so in the end, the plate turns into a real mishmash of flavours. However, if we’re talking just Turkey and my favourite thing of all, sprouts (not!), then I’d definitely go for a light/medium bodied red wine, one with a little bit of age behind it so you get the secondary earthy cabbagy flavours. The festivities bring out the generosity in me (I know, it doesn’t come out often in this Yorkshire lass, just ask my friends!) but at this time of year, you’ve got to push the boat out a little. Look out for old pinot noir, possibly old Barolo/Barbaresco to accompany your festive feast. Maybe a little on the expensive side but it will be well worth it, I promise.

A wine we have on our list here at The Black Swan which I would perhaps consider for my table would be the Barbera d’Alba 2010.

From the Giocomo Conterno estate in Pieomonte, Italy. An estate known for its exceptional Barolo wines, but it is the estate’s Barbera which shows an equally fascinating side of this Cascina Francia vineyard where the grapes are harvested.

A wine made from 100% Barbera grapes and aged in large oak barrels. It has a deep, monolithic ruby colour and a magnificent, complex and refined aroma. The bouquet, I feel, has notes of violet, sour cherry and ripe blackberry jam, juniper berries, with pink and black pepper and a sense of minerality. The flavour of this wine confirms all expectations with its soft mouthfeel, full body and distinct balance, while the tannins are settled and do not intrude on the fresh-punget component. The long aftertaste invites another sip, so as not to forget.

A wine at Christmas needs to be a wine you’ll remember for years to come and this wine certainly is unforgettable. A special wine for a truly special occasion, a wine to be enjoyed with family and friends.