| Oldstead Vermouths | Part 2- Red Vermouth

18.12.19 | Cocktails and Drinks

By Seamus Hooley

Sweet vermouth in comparison to the Oldstead white vermouth we’ve maderequired a red wine base which we decided needed to be a Syrah. We found its full-bodied and peppery profile created a strong backbone to work with. Once the wine had been chosen, we turned to all the things we grow in the Black Swan garden such as rosemary, thyme, sage, wormwood and mint. We wanted to showcase all the fantastic flavours that we grow so set on with some experimenting. 2 months of experiments to be precise!

Using the same method we used to develop the dry vermouth we tried various time and strength infusions and ratios to create a complex product. And after all that, we thought our unique sweet Oldstead vermouth was ready… But, it wasn’t quite right. There was something missing. We didn’t feel we’d made the best product we could.

What followed was months of experimenting, trial and error (mainly error!), a frustrating lack of results and a great deal of perseverance. BUT we figured it out!

We found out that the addition of Pedro Ximenez and Olorosso Sherry creates a subtle, oxidative and sweet edge to the final blend. Finally, we had made something to be proud of!

It just goes to show that good things come to those who wait!

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