FROM THE KILN- January 2017

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We all have very different backgrounds and talents here, and to have such a collection of creative minds is something we are extremely grateful of. We always try to work together on anything we do, everyone is equal and if there’s an idea in someone’s head they are encouraged to share it. But sometimes, you need someone who’s not as involved. Someone who doesn’t know the everyday running of the restaurant, the ins and outs, to create something that’s truly fresh and original. Sometimes, as they say, you can be too close to the puzzle to see the picture.


A perfect example of this is Jane. Jane Schaffer (Aka. Jane The Potter)

It all began, as many great stories do, after a few drinks with good friends. Tommy, whilst walking through York’s city centre got distracted by a small market stall. It consisted of simple pottery, all handmade by Jane. After a long conversation about her work it got him thinking.

Tommy has been visiting Jane for over 3 years now at her small Fulford based studio and it’s a relationship that works really well. As Tommy regularly says ‘I can cook, but I definitely can’t draw’, something easily overcome by Jane’s ability to take Tommy’s verbal ideas and turn them in to, strangely, exactly what he envisioned in his head. Sometimes better.

Jane’s style in her own words:

“Since mastering the art of making pots on a potter’s wheel, I have enjoyed the immediacy of the process. It was while working at Krutis’s studio in Stockholm that I was inspired by the clear line and flowing shapes of Scandinavian design. Then, during an Artist in Residency in Japan, I was impressed by the Japanese use of pottery in the preparation and serving of food. These experiences still influence the pots I make today.”

Here’s the latest from the Kiln, collected by Tommy (and his little helper!) earlier this week:


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Jane Schaffer Contact Details:

 Studio 3 The Danesmead Business Wing
33 Fulford Cross
YO10 4PB

Telephone: 07914786493