From The Kiln- February 2017

07.03.17 | Jane's Pottery

Another month and another amazing collection of new pottery from Jane Schaffer. This month Tommy wanted some specific items to go alongside a few changes and additions to the menu.

Our Sour Bread and Sour Butter course was previously served with both the bread and the butter on the same ‘Jane The Potter’ plate.

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But Tommy wanted to make the butter more of an entity in itself. So much work goes in to our Sour Butter. It’s made by fermenting the cream in our cellar for 4 days before churning in to butter and then ageing for another 4 days. He felt something so special needed it’s own platform to stand on.

So Jane created these beautiful shallow, crackled blue butter dishes.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.00.25
With another new dish; ‘Raw Red Deer’ Tommy decided to throw some ideas around with Jane as to how it could be served. Jane has gathered so much experience from so many different cultures, from working at Krutis’s studio in Stockholm to an Artist In Residency in Japan. This leads to some amazing designs, that when intertwined with Tommy’s food creates something truly beautiful yet functional.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.21.00
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Below is an explanation from Jane as to what inspired this months pieces:

“This months pots have been inspired by the bamboo forests. I spent six months in Japan doing an artist in residency and found the bamboo forests very inspiring. When the bamboos are cut down they leave a hollow stump which then collects water and leaves and becomes a natural vessel. I like the way the thick edges of these pots frame the food.”
Jane Schaffer

The photo below shows a selection of this months pots in the kiln before firing. One of the most exciting parts of pottery is the changes that pots make from plain clay to colourful glazed fired pieces. Below shows how they can transform.


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