The Menu

Offering a tasting menu allows us to bring together everything that we have grown, foraged and developed into a purposefully designed experience. The menu is inspired by the ingredients that we grow and forage in and around Oldstead. It might be something outwardly simple but really fresh and delicious or perhaps an incredible flavour developed by fermenting, pickling or prolonged ageing.

View our Sample Tasting Menu here

View our Sample Vegetarian & Pescatarian Tasting Menus here

View our Sample Lunch Menu here

View our Sample Vegetarian & Pescatarian Lunch Menus here

Please note that due to the nature of our tasting menu experience, there are several allergies and intolerances that we are unfortunately unable to accommodate. Please contact our reservations team for further information before making a reservation:

In the Glass

It’s not just the food; developing the drinks list is work that’s truly steeped in passion. There’s constant experimentation. It’s about preserving and enhancing flavours; it’s fruit, vegetables and herbs; its juices, cordials, liqueurs and essences; it’s pressing, filtering, distilling, drying, fermenting and ageing. And then it’s there in a cocktail glass – sweet, sour, spicy, spirity and special. Designed and made in Oldstead.

View our Sample Drinks List here