The Menu

Offering just one menu, a Tasting Menu, allows us to bring together everything that we have grown and developed into a purposefully designed experience.

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The menu is inspired by the ingredients that we grow and forage in and around Oldstead. It might be something outwardly simple but really fresh and delicious or perhaps an incredible flavour developed by fermenting, pickling or prolonged ageing.

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Our Roots

‘When you work somewhere that your family has lived and farmed for centuries you just feel like you have ‘roots’; it’s like the place belongs to you and you belong to it. Once you get to know what’s there and learn how to use it, you just want to build on it.’

We forage in the hedgerows and woodland at Oldstead; grow those wonderfully traditional garden and field crops.  Nick Brown, our Development Chef experiments with alternative produce, or ways to develop our own techniques to create something very much of our time. Tommy Banks works alongside Head Chef, Will Lockwood to bring this Oldstead produce to our menu all year around.