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Farming, foraging and growing our own gives us incredibly fresh produce and exciting rare ingredients

With field scale crops on our farm and 2 acres of growing beds and terraces in the 'garden' adjoining The Black Swan, Tommy and the team produce wonderfully diverse seasonal menus with a real connection between field and plate. The kitchen and front-of-house team spend many hours working outside; they really understand what the food is and why it's on the plate; they know the whole story from start to finish.

These beautiful flowers are as edible as the sage leaves themselves. Currently being experimented with in gin for our cocktail list!

Yorkshire apricots are a great colour, but hard and nowhere near ripe. Definitely not ready, but so many people give them a hopeful squeeze.

Latah tomatoes ripening in the polytunnels. We couldn't quite believe how quickly they appeared, it was as if they grew overnight! These will go to the chefs to be served on the menu with squid. Delicious!

They are blackcurrants, maybe gooseberries? No - the best of both - Jostaberries. Not quite ready, but can't resist passing without trying.