Farming, foraging and growing our own gives us incredibly fresh produce and exciting rare ingredients

With field scale crops on our farm and 2 acres of growing beds and terraces in the 'garden' adjoining The Black Swan, Tommy and the team produce wonderfully diverse seasonal menus with a real connection between field and plate. The kitchen and front-of-house team spend many hours working outside; they really understand what the food is and why it's on the plate; they know the whole story from start to finish.

It's winter and the sheep and ponies are shivering appropriately, but the blackberries - they are just flowering without a care!

In the full sun it's obviously kale, though in the garden at dusk the silhouettes have you wondering!

In among the brassicas at this time of year there's a wonderful sharp fresh smell. Romanesque cauli - hard to resist - munching it raw is so refreshing.

We've reached Christmas with only 4 days of frost, but it's been enough to finish off any oca without protection. Our low polytunnel has done it's job, so look out for oca on the menu.