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Farming, foraging and growing our own gives us incredibly fresh produce and exciting rare ingredients

With field scale crops on our farm and 2 acres of growing beds and terraces in the 'garden' adjoining The Black Swan, Tommy and the team produce wonderfully diverse seasonal menus with a real connection between field and plate. The kitchen and front-of-house team spend many hours working outside; they really understand what the food is and why it's on the plate; they know the whole story from start to finish.

English Marigolds have survived through winter to give a wonderful early burst of orange.

Our favourite early potato. Maris Bard, waxy and so full of water that if you rub them they actually drip.

Citrus are pleased to be outside again. Don't we all love the sun at this time of year!

Fruit trees blossoming, relentless blue skies and no frost. Perfect! Here's Christie picking broad bean flowers and leaves. Nets keep the bugs off, but seriously frustrate the bees.